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Fang the Assassin Mythic Legions Compatible

Fang the Assassin Mythic Legions Compatible


  • Unpainted
  • 6inch scale
  • Blue tack required to secure fit

    This head features a wide and universal socket that will fit most action figure lines. To secure the fit, just apply a small amount of blue tack (recommended), sculpt, or silicone to secure the fit to the neck peg.



    This piece was created with high quality resin, and should be handled with care as a collectors piece. Due to the nature of the 3D printing, you may notice some small bumps, scratches, or indentations. This is completely normal and is easily resolved by either lightly sanding these areas down with high grit sand paper, or by priming and painting. Here at Paul's Customs we recommend light sanding followed by paint application. Thank you for enjoying our art and for your support!